Marvel Teases Iron Man's Armor Getting An X-Men Upgrade

Iron Man's Armor is Getting An Upgrade From The X-Men's Powerful Mutant Metal Mysterium

Marvel is teasing that Iron Man's latest armor upgrade will come with an X-Men twist! 

Previews for upcoming collections of Marvel Comics books include the current storyline for Invincible Iron Man, in which Tony Stark has gotten close with The White Queen (Emma Frost), just as the X-Men's mutant nation of Krakoa was obliterated by the anti-mutant organization Orchis, and nearly every mutant was banished from the Earth. Well, Tony Stark and The Avengers are aiding the X-Men in their darkest hour, and it looks like Iron Man will get a new version of his armor, made from the new mutant metal known as Mysterium! 

Here are the teaser synopses for Invincible Iron Man vol. 2 and vol. 3: 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Gerry Duggan,
On Sale Date: 27 February 2024 $19.99 144 pages
Acclaimed writer Gerry Duggan continues his exciting run on Iron Man, as Tony Stark teams up with the X-Men! Invincible meets uncanny as Iron Man and the X-Men cross paths! When the cosmically enhanced Feilong attacks the latest Hellfire Gala, it's up to Tony Stark to save the mutants! Featuring a brand new status quo for Tony, complete with a shiny new armor!

On Sale Date: 02 July 2024 $15.99 112 pages
Gerry Duggan continues to intertwine the worlds of Iron Man and the X-Men! Tony Stark's relationship with Emma Frost develops further, as they must team up on a search to find the elusive metal known as Mysterium in order to fight back against the deadly threats of Feilong and Orchis! COLLECTING: Invincible Iron Man (2022) 13-17

What Is Marvel's Mysterium? 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When the X-Men established their mutant nation of Krakoa, S.W.O.R.D. became a mutant astronautics and orbital defense program, run by Abigail Brand. Brand organized "The Six," a group of mutant teleporters and power boosters/converters who were capable of reaching the very end of creation in order to retrieve an artifact that only exists there: Mysterium. 

Since its discovery and retrieval, Mysterium has proven to be a major game-changer Marvel metal. It's as durable as Adamantium (in its "secondary" form); it's one of the most efficient conductors of electricity ever seen, while also being radiation-proof.  

One of the most distinct things about Mysterium is that it is more resonant with magic than other Marvel metals. Mysterium can instantly break or negate even the most powerful Marvel magic spells – including possession. Its profound effects on magic have shaken up the Marvel magical community, as many sorcerers/supernatural beings (Clea, Selene) are learning how vulnerable it makes them. 

Mysterium is currently viewed as the most valuable material in the galaxy, due to the near-impossibility of obtaining it, its profound powers, and its technological potential. 

With an Iron Man armor made of Mysterium, Tony Stark is about to get an upgrade that makes him ready to face all the threats of the Marvel/X-Men Universe: from Orchis and rival industrialist Feilong to all the mystical threats lurking in the wings. 

Invincible Iron Man is on sale at Marvel Comics.